•    Class is capped at 10 participants

Because of this, you receive a great deal of personal attention and multiple opportunities to teach before you graduate. In most trainings, your teaching experience
during the training may be limited to teaching your final class which many times is an hour-long class shared with one or two other people- and that is it. In our
training, you teach a full-length 90-min class, a 20-min sequence, a 10-minute sequence, you lead a 15-min meditation, a 10-min meditation, and lead sun
salutations the very first weekend after you learn how to teach them. It is critical to flex the muscle of getting in front of people while you are training. This is
invaluable experience to get you comfortable with this sometimes terrifying process, rather than waiting until you are in front of a paying student or a studio owner
teaching an audition class.

  •    Hands-on adjustment experience

Many trainings leave out hands-on adjustments or only devote an absolute minimum when it comes to learning this aspect of being a quality teacher. Our training
offers very specific hands-on adjustments that you try on your fellow students as well as 9 hours of practice assisting in real classes at our studio.

  •    Cultivating the unique teacher within

Our teacher training is designed to lead the students through a journey of self-discovery. Through a great deal of journaling meditations, each student discovers the
unique gifts that they have to offer. Teachers in training learn how to connect with that channel of Divine guidance and how to trust their own intuition when getting
in front of a room. In doing this, the teacher is truly teaching from the heart rather than simply regurgitating a sequence of postures. As a result, students truly feel
the healing that comes from a teacher who 'sees' them and sincerely desires to be of service.
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change the world; indeed, it's the only
thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead