22-56 31st st. (Ditmars/23rd ave.) Astoria, New York 11105
Studio: (718) 728 - 0110
she began seeping herself in the study of the Chakras, life coaching, leadership
training, and energy work.  In 2003, she created New Moon Women™ sourcing
herself and her community with the nurturing wisdom of the feminine. That
same year, while on tour with her first album, she began the Live Your
Passion™ Tour: a concert infused workshop designed to ignite passion in the
hearts of young people while connecting them with their life purpose. After
marrying her life partner in 2007, she and Anthony enrolled in a 2-year
seminary resulting in their ordination as Interfaith Ministers, just days after
opening The Giving Tree Yoga Studio. Having released two albums of original
music and spoken word, Anne-Margaret continues to nurture her own artistry
while teaching, spiritual counseling, internationally touring with Live Your
Passion™, and training yoga teachers in her Chakra Yoga Teacher Training™.
Please email Anne-Margaret
with any questions or interest:

OR call to register: 718-728-0110
Anne-Margaret Redding
Anne-Margaret Redding designed these
methods from her unique training, experience and
perspective. Certified in 2001 as a yoga teacher
(Alison West), personal trainer, and Reiki healer,
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Total Training 30-Hour Intensive Schedule:
Monday: 9am—7:30pm (breaks 11:45—1:45pm, 4:45—6:30pm)
Tuesday: 8am—4:45pm (break 10:15—1:45pm)
Wednesday: 8am—6:15pm (break 11:45am—1:45pm)
Thursday: 7am—4:30pm (break 11:45am—1:45pm)
Friday: 2pm—4:30pm
Want an intense staycation? Anne-Margaret
is back and offering a week-long boot-camp
training for the body and mind! Each day you will create specific intentions to break through
blocks around manifesting the life you were born to live! Absorb an infusion of inspiration each
day as you carve your chosen mantras deeper into your brain while expertly
chiseling the body.
Practice the proper alignment for exercises that will bring your physical yoga practice to the
next level! Each day is designed to align with Chakras 1-5.
To get your specific questions answered,
email amr@thegivingtreeyogastudio.com.
DAY ONE - Root: Your
Body is Your Wonderland!
DAY TWO - Sacral: Get
the Creative Juices Flowing!
Plexus - Ignite Your
Power to Manifest!
DAY FOUR - Heart:
Lead with Your Heart!
DAY FIVE: Throat
Chakra - Fearlessly
Express Yourself!
*30 hours of YA contin. Ed.
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melting the price of TREE memberships!!!
First month ONLY $40 and then $115*/month!
*$120 if you do not qualify for a discount
*Must activate in August *4-month commit. req.