Why Interfaith?
Anthony & Anne-Margaret feel called to understand more deeply the convictions in their hearts honoring
their call to ministry among the global religious population with a mission of finding common respectful
ground where peace can grow.  It was in Astoria where they found their calling. Astoria, NY is a home to all
religions, cultures, and walks of life and according to the census is the most culturally diverse neighborhood
in the world. At the end of their block, you will find a Greek Orthodox Church and a Mosque across the
street from each other. They affectionately refer to Astoria as a mini-UN and see firsthand that it is possible
for people from different convictions, religions, cultures, races, to live together in peace.
Interfaith Ministry
22-56 31st st. (Ditmars/23rd ave.) Astoria, New York 11105
Studio: (718) 728 - 0110
Owners, Anthony & Anne-Margaret officiate a wedding
For more information on
Officiant Services email:
Ordained through One Spirit
Interfaith Seminary in 2009 as
Interspiritual Ministers husband
& wife team, Anthony &
Anne-Margaret, honor all
religious/non-religious paths
and stand for the respect of
all traditions. They spent the
first two years of their marriage
studying all the world’s
religions and were trained as
spiritual counselors. They now
co-officiate weddings
creating original ceremonies
that are as unique as the
couples they marry.
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