THEME OF THE MONTH: Tribal Identity
Quote of the Month:
“Spirituality is meant to take us beyond our tribal identity into a
domain of awareness that is more universal.” -Deepak Chopra
What we place our faith in gives us our version of reality and the frequency we
vibrate in the day to day. The great spiritual masters have led the way in
showing us the value of an intimate connection with Spirit, God, the Creator,
Universal Energy, Love - whatever name you give that energy. A deep faith in
God or devotion to a religion, if the teachings are embodied, does provide a
beautiful, personal framework for living a peaceful life of loving service. However,
as we see all around this country, religion and one’s faith is too often used to
negate and claim authority over another. From a fractured ego, we may over-
identify with our tribe, claiming to have the Truth, the ultimate answer to the
great mystery of life. My wish is for us to go beyond this over-identification with
our tribe, to know that God is bigger than our projections, and honor that each
person is our mirror, teacher, and gift. The more resistance we feel to someone
different from us, the more we have to learn from them. What kind of world
could we create if we sought to love and learn from one another? The fractured
place which causes us to harm and hurt could be healed by the reminder that
we are all in this mystery together, doing our best, with love in our hearts.
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