The Giving Tree Yoga Studio is a holistic lifestyle sanctuary for everyday well-being. The center
provides Astorian yogis, healthy minded individuals and creative residents alike, some of the
greatest gifts of all: strong bodies, focused minds, deepening spiritual existence, good health,
creative outlets and a like-minded social community.
 For the first two years of their marriage,
founders Anne-Margaret and Anthony attend One Spirit Interfaith Seminary studying all the
world’s religions and becoming well versed in ceremony and spiritual counseling.  One month
before their ordination, they opened the doors of The Giving Tree.  If you look closely at the
mural sized logo as you enter the space, you will notice in the roots of the tree and disguised
in the rocks and flowers are the symbols of all the major world religions.  This is to honor our
history, our elders, and yet acknowledge that the time is now to collectively draw that
wisdom into integration with our own intuition and connection to the divine, the creator, the
universe, love, or whatever name you give that energy.  Pulling from the wisdom of the great
spiritual masters as well as embracing the teachings from all walks of life, we serve to provide
a space of inclusivity and healing transcending the need for dogma, ‘shoulds,’ or ‘Truth’
(with a capital ‘T’). Our intention is to bridge gaps of miscommunication between those of
differing perspectives and to find common ground while honoring the unique, independent
cultural richness of global diversity.  As this area of Queens is the most diverse community in
the world (according to the Census), we strive to be a living example of harmonious
existence among all walks of life.  Many residents of NYC chose to leave the communities of
their childhood, leave their country, leave their families, step out of the box, and move to a
huge city to pursue their passions, their calling, and their dream.  This uprooting can feel very
lonely and it is incredibly important to have a supportive, loving, inclusive community as a
chosen ‘family’ to nurture you and provide a home away from home. The Giving Tree has
become that ‘family’ to so many and provides endless opportunities for personal
development, community building, and joyful connections with others.
22-56 31st st. (Ditmars/23rd ave.) Astoria, New York 11105
Studio: (718) 728 - 0110
Owners, Anthony & Anne-Margaret
Photo by: Mary Maciejewski
Owners,  Anne-Margaret & Anthony
Candlelight Yoga (w/live music!) Fridays 8:15 - 9:30pm
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